Lynn Halstead
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Top to Bottom NM SBH, 
OM 357, Liberty Model 
45 Colt
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M-19 and M-60
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M-28 Converison 44 Spec., M-17 K-22
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M-29, 45 ACP
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44 Special MMC Conversion
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Liberty Model grip
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Liberty Model 45 Colt
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Loading Bench
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Dillion Square Deal B 44 Mag
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RCBS Rockchucker
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Lyman 450
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Component Shelves
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Favorite Powder
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Component Shelves
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The Keiths L-358429, RCBS 44-250-K, RCBS 45-255-SWC
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Bullet Tray


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RCBS 38-158-SWC, RCBS 180-FN
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Apache Blue Lube
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Cleaning Bench
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Lyman All American Turret
Random Quotes

Red clay does NOT wash out of clothes easily. 

Older sisters DON'T appreciate being used as a human shield in a red clay mudball fight between their brothers. 

Mothers have been known to assign clothes washing duty to brothers who used their sister as a human shield in their mudball fight.


-- Paul