Charlie Smith

Deer Hunt 2000

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charlie.jpg (79199 bytes) Charlie Smith & 8 - point buck.  Not much to brag about. Passed a better buck the first day.  Made this kill the morning of the last day.
chuck.jpg (74130 bytes) Chuck Smith & 8 - point buck.  Nothing nearly as large as his 1999
mike.jpg (77681 bytes) Mike Smith & 8 - point buck.  Best buck of our hunt.
guide.jpg (76144 bytes) The Guide bringing Mike's deer to the skinning shed.  That is a four-wheeler full of deer!

1999hunt.jpg (64459 bytes)

The deer from our 1999 hunt.

Deer Hunt 2000 took place near Glenbush, Saskatchewan, Canada.  The hunt was made through Northway Outfitters, booked through Cabella's.

Random Quotes

Never underestimate the amount of trouble you will get in if you talk your ten year old cousin into deflating a bloated cow with a pitch fork. And you'd think we'd have ALL learned, but two days later he learned that goats are just as bad.


-- Scootter