Matt (At the Beach) Rohrer



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I hope that you like the pictures of a few of my favorites. The Bisley is my most used gun. I purchased it with the barrel already cut to 5 ½ inches. I then got a set of over sized rose wood grips and shaped them to fit. This is my killing gun. I have shot many deer and pigs with the Bisley. It is the one I choose when I know that we will be riding hard and getting dirty. It has never let me down and I have had it in some pretty rough spots. My everyday load in the Bisley is 13.6 grains of Blue Dot under a 255-grain SWC. This will handle just about any situation that I am likely to encounter bumming around the deserts or the mountains of California. My hunting load is a 325-grain bullet over 22.0 grains of H-110. It, like most of my Rugers, rides in an El Paso Saddlery Three Persons holster. One of my other favorites is an Old Model .45 ACP/ .45 Colt. The original owner made the dragoon style grips for it from plans purchased through the NRA in the seventies. He also installed a trigger stop on the gun. It is a fabulous shooter and is now my usual companion for desert trips. It is not uncommon to pop jackrabbits at 50 yards with this gun. The last gun is a Flat-top Ruger that I just picked up. I have just started to play with it and I am impressed! What a great gun. I will be sending one more photo of my .44 OM conversion. I have not yet found the perfect load for this one yet, but am having fun trying! My biggest problem is deciding which one to take on trips.

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The other photos are of hunting and hunting buddies. The fellow in the black hat is Steve Reed. I call him the River Doctor. He is responsible for most of my pig antics. The other guy next to me in the glacier pictures is my best friend Todd. He gets me into more trouble than I will admit too. Our wives try to keep us separated as much as possible. The last picture is me at the beach. I get asked so often what it is like where I live, I thought that I would throw in a photo. I am off to Texas again in December 2000 to hunt deer and hogs. I will try to add some photos to the gallery if room permits. Now I have to decide which gun to take. Any suggestions? Thanks for the read and I hope to see you in the field some day. Matt Rohrer