Terry Murbach Photos

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Mr. & Mrs. Terry Murbach
June 7, 2001
The Whittington Center
Raton, NM

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Nebraska Cowgirl performing
a cappella with the Browning
'86 .45-70.  That lady can shoot
and I don't mean maybe.
Springfield Armory 1911A1
H&R topbreak .22
S&W M624 4" .44 Special
Ruger OM 4 5/8" 357 Mag
SA 1911A1 9X13
Maybe the finest 1911
I've ever shot.
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Ruger OM .357 – A holster-worn
derelict which turned out to be the
Best-Shootin' 357 Ruger ever!
2 1/4 lb. trigger- Buffalo Horn stocks.
In 6 months 1287 357/38 Specials have
disappeared up it's barrel.  After almost
40 years I finally got MY OM .357!
S&W M624 4" .44 Special.
Smooth as buttered ice with 
a you-better-be-careful SA
trigger. It shoots great but 
needs thinner stocks.
My favorite DA .44 Special
Colt SAA .45ACP with spare
45 Colt cylinder.  It shoots a
tiny bit low with the ACP, a
tiny bit high with the 45 Colt's.
Stag stocks.  Action job by
the maestro himself- 
Eddie Janis.
I now shoot this Colt in 45ACP
almost exclusively. It's a Peach!


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Ruger Bearcat – the fastest 22
sixgun Taffin and I have ever
tested.  It is 125 to 150 fps faster
than any 6 1/2" Ruger we have 
tested.  It is faster than my MKII
6 7/8" target pistol.  The sights are
prairie dog accurate at 50 yards. 
Stag stocks by Bill Lett III. Tom
Threepersons holster by Dudley
Lewis, Apache Jct. Arizona Territory.
When gas hits $3.00 a gallon
this will become my mode of
While we all love guns and Shooting
your relationship with the CEO of this
building is far more important to your
happiness here on earth.  
Anyone know where this Church is located?
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Doc O'Meara, Terry Murbach, 
Gregg Tanner
Sixgunner Shooting in The Hills.
The FIRST one but we didn't 
know it at the time.
Here he is folks! One of the sweetest
guys, all-around good guy, 
straight shooter
world famous author, connoisseur of fine
liquors, retired Navy CPO, 
Robert H. "Doc"O'Meara.  
Near as I can tell, his only fault is-
He is absolutely queer for 38-40 guns!
Doc exercises his Colt Trooper 
38 Special


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Let me present:
Mr. Gun Cool Himself  
The Sage of Jackson, Wyoming 
Mr. Ruger Sixgun Himself 
Carl Laco
The Savage 99 250-3000 
ready to strut it's stuff.