The Sixshooter Community is comprised of a wide variety of people from all walks of life.  Most of us have been hanging out together since the late '90s or the early days of the 21st Century.  We are mostly refugees from the old and forums.  Our "Dot Org" site is where we host our personal pages and also the legacy pages from the currently extinct site.  Our theme is taken from the original Sixgunner.COM background melded with "The Punkin Board" .  The image is used with permission of the artist.  If you've been around a while you'll realize that this shows our traditional mindset.  We don't take to change easily and this theme reflects our cybernetic homeland roots.

Eventually Sixshooter Community Dot ORG will be comprised of two main parts.  The first is the "Legacy" section in which will reside the old Sixgunner.ORG mebers' pages.  The second will depend upon contributions by the members of the forum.  It will be a brand new "Members" section which will be made up of the articles contributed by the regulars on the forum.  The Webservant will do his best to get the first section up.  The rest depends on the community.