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Top: Pieces & Parts Gun that I'm putting together. Present work and future plans include: Stainless Super Blackhawk frame, Get-A-Grip bone grips, .44 mag Bisley cylinder, 5 1/2" Slightly tapered (.020" across flats muzzle to receiver) octagon barrel from Gun Parts Co., Cylinder latch bearing block in frame, Stainless ejector rod housing, Belt mountain base pin, gold bead front sight and probably a modified express rear blade, Blackhawk frame, About $295.00 total investment so far not counting my time of course.

Middle:  All- Steel .41 Magnum (an Old Army grip frame and steel ejector housing)

Bottom: .45 pocket gun.

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Just a plain single six that I picked up at the local pawn shop. Got it for $75.00 because it was missing the cylinder base pin. Put in a Belt mountain pin and started test firing. Tried Eley, Federal, PMC, Winchester, Federal, and Fiochi. Group in picture was shot with unsorted Federal bulk pack, 550 for $8.49 at Wally-World, Sand bag rest at 25 yards indoor range, measures .52” X .22”.

This is one of two revolvers I would keep if I had to settle for owning only two. It’s home is in an old sock, in the ammo can, with earplugs, shooting glasses, two packs minimum of Federals, and dessert plates. If some one wants to go shooting it and I are ready for the day on a minutes notice.